Boris Loder, born in 1982, lives and works in Luxembourg. The main focus of his artistic work lies on urban subjects. His work ranges from classical street photography to unconventional architectural images. His portfolio can be divided into a puristic, documentary part and a rather inventive and creative part, which consists of elaborate compositions such as his series Urban Elements.

Boris Loder got started in photography back in his student days when he went to Manchester for a few months. During his stay, Boris not only acquired a basic set of working methods and approaches but also developed his interested for urban subjects, which he found in great number among Manchester's metropolitan topography and which meanwhile dominates his work.

Further information:

La beauté du délabré. Portrait by journalist and art critic Josée Hansen (published in d'Lëtzebuerger Land 16.08.2013).

Urban Elements. Article I wrote about my series (published on kwerfeldein.de 31.7.2012).